Meet The Team

Our Doctor

Dr. Nancy Trimboli

Since 1993, Dr. Trimboli has been bringing the power of Chiropractic to

Northwest Indiana. She graduated from Adelphi University in New York

with her B.S., and then continued on to Chiropractic School at Life

University in Marietta, Georgia, where she received her Doctorate in


After completing an internship under Dr. Paul Markey, originator of the

Markey Distraction technique, she quickly became an expert in not only

the Distraction technique, but many others including Thompson Drop,

Activator, Motion Palpation, and more.


Dr Nancy Trimboli is the founder and owner of Trimboli Chiropractic,

which opened in 1996, in Munster, Indiana. In recent years, we have

closed the doors to our Munster location and continued on in 

Cedar Lake, Indiana. Our top priority is to treat patients for pain and

symptoms so they may get their greatest enjoyment out of life.

Whether you are an equestrian, an avid golfer, or habitual gardener, we

will keep you living the life you choose by putting the power and

knowledge of your health back in your hands.  


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