Massage Therapy Policy

     1.Please be considerate and be on time. Showing up at least 10 minutes early will ensure you are on the table on     time. If you are consistently late, Management will determine whether you can continue to schedule full body massage appointments.

     2. We REQUIRE a 24 hour Notice for massage cancellations during the week. Due to the high demand for massage appointments, failure to cancel without notice will result in a charge of the FULL Time of Service (TOS) fee regardless of if a patient is billing insurance or not.

****For Saturday massage appointments, we REQUIRE a 48 hour notice for cancellation. Failure to provide 48 hrs. notice will result in the full TOS fee being charged regardless if it is your first offense or not. 

​     3. Understand the staff of Trimboli Chiropractic is not responsible for your child. They will not watch your child during your massage. Please arrange your own childcare prior to your massage appointment.

     4. It is your responsibility to inform the Front Desk when scheduling your massage if you are pregnant so proper arrangements can be made prior to your table time. We also require prenatal massage to be done after the 12th week of pregnancy.