At Trimboli Chiropractic, we bring to people, young and old, the knowledge and power of Chiropractic, so they may get their greatest enjoyment out of life. 


What sets Trimboli Chiropractic apart?

Our convenient Cedar Lake location, right on Route 41 (Indianapolis Blvd.), offers hours and appointments to accommodate many busy schedules. Not an established patient? Call for an appointment.


We take a holistic approach to healing, the treatment of the whole person. Our goal as holistic practitioners is to assist your body in healing itself. Holistic care is natural healing; chemical-free healing. We also offer therapeutic massage therapy under the direction of our doctors; not just a “fluff” massage. As well as multiple Chiropractic technique options from non-force to high-velocity. No “Popping” adjustments (unless you request it).


95% of new clients are referrals from current patients and local medical doctors. We greatly appreciate your family and friends, who trust us to the point of sending you to our offices for help. Ask your medical doctor which Northwest Indiana Chiropractor they feel comfortable with and they will tell you "Trimboli Chiropractic!"


When needed, we offer referrals for patients to local medical doctors. We refer to internists, pain management specialists, Orthopedists, Neurologists, Obstetricians and Pediatricians, to name a few.