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Patient Testimonials

At Trimboli Chiropractic our first priority is helping our patients with their pain and symptoms so that they may get the greatest enjoyment out of life. We appreciate when our patients share their stories of healing. We believe their testimonies can bring hope to others on their own journey to healing. Many of these testimonies are listed below.

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The testimonials below have all been submitted by our clients.

Rectus Abdominis Muscle Illustration

Finally: Help!

My 13-year-old daughter suffered from abdominal pain for three months. She was sent from doctor to doctor, was admitted to the hospital overnight, had several blood tests, had a CT scan, specialized MRI, was put on laxatives and stool softeners, lost unneeded weight, and could not participate in regular daily activities because of the constant pain. After all of this we still had no diagnosis.

We had visited Trimboli Chiropractic after a minor car accident in the past, so I brought her in feeling frustrated and upset. Within a five minute exam Dr. Nancy was able to pinpoint the exact cause of her pain and we started treatment right away.

I was floored! She had a severe strain of her rectus abdominis muscle. None of the other doctors or specialists could diagnosis this or help us. Our insurance had paid out tens of thousands of dollars after ER visits, a hospital stay, and countless tests and doctor visits. Our insurance does not cover chiropractic care but every dollar I paid out of my pocket was worth my daughter feeling good and enjoying sports again. -- LB

Immune Boost

Dr. Nancy's recommendations to promote one's immune system, (i.e. EHB, Olive Leaf, and Esperitox), served me well this winter. I spent a few days caring for two family members who had severe bouts of the flu, and I did not get sick. Thank you Dr. Nancy for that and for caring about me and my health through the years; you're the best! -- GC

Pain Relief

My hip feels incredible! Without an adjustment it would have taken two weeks to feel normal again! -- CG

After all the work you did, my jaw pain, ear pain, and pain from my previous Bell's Palsy, all went away. I have always suffered with summer kind of jaw pain before your saw me! Even my tonsil stones went away- do you know what those are? Well, they went away! -- PB

I was yelling like a Big Foot the pain was so bad! But I knew I just had to get here and you'd fix it. -- JG

That gave me tingles. I must have really needed that adjustment! -- MH

Severe Back Pain

I suffered from severe back pain, scoliosis and arthritis along with disc issues. I have lived my life in my recliner for almost a year and a half!!! I gave up and was trying to accept this was my life since the doctor said they couldn't do anything more.I was using a walker but that became too difficult! I am dear friends with Meghan Slivka, she is a massage therapist there. Meg kept after to me come in to Trimboli Chiro and see if they could help me. I got tired of sitting around watching the world go by, so I went in. I am so thankful for this wonderful chiro office and the great staff there. I can stand...walk and am still improving. I have been seeing Dr. James and he is wonderful just like DR. Nancy and all her associates. I have been going for a few months . . . once a week. I go and get my adjustment and I actually can shop, walk across the street and visit my daughter and grandkids (I could not before without assistance) and clean my house again!!! Although I maybe should have kept that one to myself!! lolWhat a blessing they are. I don't mind going in at all. Dr. Nancy has put together a great team of great people. All the girls there that take the notes for the doctors are so pleasant and caring.It's a pleasure to be there.Thank you Dr. Nancy, Dr. James and each one of you for helping me to have a reason to get out of bed each day. They have truly saved me. I luv all of ya!!!! -- Linda S. Allee

Teen’s Athletic Injury

Hi, I'm Tyler Fozkos and I have been coming to Dr. Nancy for about 13 years. I graduated from Chesterton High School and received a swimming scholarship to Florida State University. Dr. Nancy has been helping me through chiropractic care for swimming injuries and soreness. For as long as I can remember, throughout my career, if I experienced trouble, I would come to Dr. Nancy and she would adjust me and put me back into proper alignment. It has helped me tremendously throughout the years.

Back in the Saddle Again

A big shout out and thank you to Dr. Nancy and Trimboli Chiropractic.My ankle is healing quickly due to your adjustments right after my injury. I firmly believe in chiropractic care and credit you for keeping me healthy and comfortable in and out of the saddle! --E.G.

Pain Relief

When I first came into Dr. Trimboli's office I had major lower back pain that would make it hard for me to even stand at work, let alone perform my job. Since I have been seeing her, the pain has significantly subsided and made my work day go by much easier. I also had noted an overall "healthy" feeling after about the second week of treatment. I find myself sitting up straighter and feeling more energetic, even happier. I would recommend her to anyone and do so quite often. You have to experience the "magic" of the chiropractic field for yourself at least once. Give it a try. I'm glad I did.

A Better Life

Before I was stumbling like crazy. I would fall multiple times a day and kept getting hurt. Since I came here, in July of 2004, I've been stumbling less and less. My allergies have improved as well. Both allergies and stumbling have affected me since childhood. Thank you.

Life Without Asthma

Dr. Nancy, My son, Stephen, is doing so much better since seeing you. This time last year he was on five different medications for allergies and asthma. He is now on none, zero! No symptoms. This is usually the worst time of year for him, in the fall. He is also doing much better at school. Stephen is focusing on his school work and even getting 100% on spelling tests! I just canceled his yearly allergist appointment - he has no symptoms! So, a great BIG thank you. You have done wonders. -- D. S. (& S. XOXOXO)

The Gift of Healing

If my son becomes a famous football player he will owe it to God for blessing you with the gift of healing. The way that God uses people today just amazes me just reminds me of how Almighty he really is. I have sacroiliitis and degenerative disk disease, chronic sinusitis, high blood pressure, sleep disorders associated with sleep apnea. Of course I have others issues associated with those diagnosis. I have two children with ADD and with that being said if we were there I would have been in your chair ages ago. I have given up years ago finding a gentle doctor as yourself. Your patients are truly blessed and I wish them all well. If any of my family members need your assistance I will definitely refer them to you. Thank you for remembering us and responding. God Bless, -- Kim W.

Thank You

I wanted to take the time to thank Dr. Nancy Trimboli and her entire staff for all the years of great service for my family. In addition to the great physical treatment we receive at the office, we have always appreciated the friendly and helpful staff at the office.I have a rather large family of six, so we have had a variety of physical problems over the years, but we have had great success with these issues by coming to Trimboli Chiropractic. I have come to Trimboli Chiropractic for many years for relief from prior athletic injuries, problems from long distance driving, an irregular heartbeat, to getting hit in the head a few times during my son's baseball practices/games. I can't think of a time I came in for treatment, and it wasn't taken care of. My wife has been to Dr. Nancy for many years as well, including a couple of accidents and helping her before/after childbirth. Dr. Nancy has been especially helpful with my children's athletic abilities. My oldest daughter is a volleyball player and was complaining about her shoulder being stiff and some inability to jump with explosiveness, and came in for some treatment. The very next night at her high school game, the explosive jumping returned and she hit the ball as well as she did the entire season. She looked over at me during that game and knew exactly how Dr. Nancy helped. My son plays a lot of baseball, along with basketball. He is a pitcher and throws a lot of innings during the season, so his shoulder gets stiff and sore at times. Each time he comes in for a treatment at Trimboli Chiropractic, he gets great relief and we came back in many times and indicated how well he threw the ball after his treatments. In addition, he used to get bloody noses all the time in the summer and many times at his baseball games. Following treatments with Dr. Nancy, they are almost non-existent now. My middle daughter experienced numerous ear infections as a younger child. She went through all of the antibiotics, but kept getting the infections. After her treatments by Dr. Nancy, the infections went away and she does not get them any longer. While our youngest daughter was an infant, she was having trouble gaining weight. Following treatments with Dr. Nancy, her weight picked up and that has never been an issue with her again. Dr. Nancy and her staff are great with children, and the children actually have confidence her abilities, and look forward to coming in for treatments. Trimboli Chiropractic has been great for our family wellness, and has also been very supportive in many community-related activities and supporting youth activities.

Migraines No More

I'm not much of a writer, and I still think that this is a bit cheesy, but I wanted to thank you for all you have done for my mom and I. Last year, around November and December, I had such severe headaches that I could not even get out of bed. I know that I was in serious trouble because I needed to take some strong medication to get me through the day. I hated the fact that I could not be myself because of the medication, but it was either that or be miserable from all of the pain. I knew that a chiropractor could help, but I didn't really feel comfortable with just anyone. I was really tired of doctors and the things that they told me. I really didn't believe them because I felt like I was getting worse instead of feeling better. I stopped taking my headache medication about a month and a half ago thanks to you! Every once in a while I have to take a Tylenol because I stress myself out a little, but I thank God that I no longer have the pain that I once had. I feel so much better I can't believe that I am the same person that went through all of those headaches. I drive one hour to and from your office every time that I have an appointment, but I know that it is worth every mile. I can never really tell you how much you have changed my life, but I can say that I appreciate everything that you do for me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know that mom doesn't quite understand what you do for her, but I am sure that she thanks you also.

Comfort In Pregnancy

Dear Dr. Nancy & Staff, I wanted to write and tell you what a difference you all have made in my and my family's life. My first contact with your office was late in my pregnancy last year. I was aggravated by my condition. My pregnancy brought with it an acid reflux problem and carpal tunnel syndrome. By adjustment, both the acid reflux and carpal tunnel was relieved. My back problem worsened toward the end of my pregnancy because my son was pushing on my sacrum. The CranioSacral massage helped and regular massage helped relax me in general. I really appreciate the versatility of methods used to help your patients in their healing, knowing all the types of techniques doesn't always work from one person to the next. After my pregnancy the adjustments helped me to heal and realign my spine after the trauma of childbirth. Also, you so gently adjusted my son at two weeks of age and helped him. Since then, he also has had adjustments for sleep patterns, acid reflux and gas problems and had great improvement.

One Family’s Story

My name is Eileen and I have been coming to Dr. Nancy for approximately 10 to 12 years. I started coming to her at the recommendation of a friend whose baby suffered from colic. She told me that after Dr. Nancy worked on her, that her baby no longer experienced colic symptoms. I decided to see Dr. Nancy for myself. I had been suffering for years with 2 to 4 migraines a month. Dr. Nancy's first recommen-dation was to try to get to the office when I was experiencing a migraine, no matter what. Since coming to her office, I can honestly say that I do not get migraines any longer. I might get a headache here and there, but nothing like I was feeling when I first started coming here. After I saw such fantastic results, I decided to bring my children.My daughter was getting sinus infections every 2 weeks, on and off antibiotics every other week. After bringing her to Dr. Nancy for about 2 weeks, my daughter has never had a sinus infection again I brought my son here for stomach issues and after just two treatments; he has never experienced stomach troubles again. I was thinking about all the colds and sinus issues my children and I used to face; ear infections, chest infections, I used to have to use a nebulizer, and we all haven't had any of those conditions since coming here. I cannot even remember the last time I had the flu; 4 years in a row, I have not even had a cold. I can also tell you that since all of us have been here for treatment, neither my children nor I have been to a medical doctor to get antibiotics for anything. One of the other things I love about Trimboli Chiropractic is their honesty. When my son was experiencing symptoms and didn't see much improvement after a few treatments, Dr. Nancy diagnosed him with a problem with his growth plates and referred me to specialist. I like the fact that she monitored his progress so closely and referred him to someone who could help.My husband had been constantly complaining of different aches and pains, I told him to go see a professional and finally convinced him into making an appointment with Dr. Nancy. He was very skeptical about going to a chiropractor, and after one visit, he has become a believer and even makes appointments to come on his own!I firmly believe in alternative medicine and when my children are not feeling well, the first place I bring them is Trimboli Chiropractic. You know me; I would rather come here than take a drug. I highly recommend Trimboli Chiropractic for any type of pain or everyday wellness. I can't count on two hands how many people I have recommended to you; and after they leave their first appointment, they call me and say "thank you, thank you, for recommending me to Trimboli Chiropractic."

One Woman’s Story

I toyed with the idea of seeing a chiropractor for 10 years when my lower back began to feel painful and stiff. I was leery - the spine seems such a fragile structure. I decided that I'd go if I was referred by someone I trusted - no letting my fingers do the walking. I had to do something when my back pains grew more severe. I was losing mobility in my neck and shoulders. Acquaintances, including Joanna, my yoga instructor, recommended Dr. Trimboli and said she had helped them. "She's not only a chiropractor. She's a gifted healer," Joanna told me. That was all I needed to hear. I called for an appointment. On my first visit, after x-rays, Dr. Nancy didn't see arthritis in my hips, surprising me. Aching hips kept me up nights for almost a year. I had arthritis in my neck, a pinched nerve (subluxation) and a compressed disc. I started treatment three times a week. I was nervous. She assured me the adjustments would be gentle. "My last patient was eight months old," she smiled. "And she did okay." I was appropriately humbled. After my second adjustment, my hips stopped aching and the tension from the back of my neck and head eased. I looked forward to decreasing pain in my lower back, mimicking sciatica. I couldn't bend or stoop without extreme pain. I could walk or run, but sitting hurt. I worried that I would become an invalid, like my father had. Three weeks into treatment, Dr. Nancy scheduled a workshop on trigger points and asked me to attend. I was extremely interested, having found a book on that topic in her waiting room. I skimmed The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Clair Davies, and read the chapter on lower back and hip pain. I read about Kenny, 42, a long-haul trucker who suffered from aching and burning that thrust deep into the buttock and down the thigh. This sounded like my symptoms. "You may find yourself constantly changing position while sitting. Your hips may feel stiff, you may have difficulty getting up out of a chair. You can no longer bend over and touch your toes." Exercising did not help, but instead exacerbated the pain. Realizing that my back problem was described so exactly, I had to find out more about trigger points. In an illustration, the book showed where to place a tennis ball to massage a trigger point deep in the muscle. I attending a workshop before trying the deep tissue massage technique. It looked simple, but I wanted to be sure I knew what I was doing. In the workshop, we practiced locating and holding pressure on trigger points in the shoulder and along the side of the spine. The next day, I tried massaging my hip and back with a tennis ball. The muscles behind my left hip were so tight, I could no longer bend without pain. Placing a tennis ball on the floor and pressing my hip against it felt excruciating - I did it only for 30 seconds, moving it slowly, according to the book's descriptions. Afterward, I held ice to it. The next day, I tried again and felt improvement. In fact, I was able to bend slightly in ways I hadn't been able to that morning. Excited, I decided to continue the treatment. On my next visit to the chiropractor, I told Dr. Nancy I had a breakthrough in my pain. "That's exciting, isn't it?" she said. I did still have pain in one section of my lower back, close to the spine. She worked on the nerve in that area. I worked with the tennis ball every day, massaging for a minute at a time, twice a day. After several days , I felt my muscle flatten and the pain recede. It was so pronounced an effect that I immediately stood up to see if I could bend forward without pain. I could. After a month of chiropractic treatment, I still have some discomfort when I sit, but the searing pain I suffered is gone. I am back to working in my garden - I have complete mobility restored so that bending and stooping are no problem. I can exercise again. When I feel my muscles tense, I make sure to massage those trigger points when I get home. I even bought The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook at a local bookstore so I could know more about how it works. I am grateful to Dr. Nancy for her adjustments, restoring my spine and nerves to health, and for her natural approach to healing. There is nothing like getting well without expensive medication, without the trauma of surgery, and with treatment I can do.

Accident Recovery

Dear Dr. Trimboli, I want to thank you for the compassionate care I have received by you and all your staff after my recent car accident. I think you are all "top notch." -- C.V.

Back In The Saddle Again

A big shout out and thank you to Dr. Nancy and Trimboli Chiropractic.My ankle is healing quickly due to your adjustments right after my injury. I firmly believe in chiropractic care and credit you for keeping me healthy and comfortable in and out of the saddle! -- E.G.

Your Staff Did The Trick

So glad I know you. Didn't get you see you on Monday, Dr. Nancy, but your staff does the trick - grateful for healing - when it comes to pain, I'm a wimp. See you later in the month. --M.L.

Short But Sweet

The clinic is very helpful and friendly! -- M.L.

Whenever I have an adjustment, I feel immediately better! Thanks!! -- M.W.

Everyone is so nice here. It's very calming. -- S.C.


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